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Spring will come, I promise!

  • I don’t know anyone in the Northeast (and some in the South too) who wouldn’t agree that this has felt like the never ending winter.  We know rationally that spring will come, because it does every year.  But in the middle of these cold days, did you ever start to wonder if this will be […]

Some nugget ideas for squirreling your money

  • The past few years have been downright pitiful when it comes to earning interest on bank accounts. With the average savings account paying close to zero, and some even charging fees, which puts your return in the negative, it can be discouraging to see your savings sit idle. But what options are there? With some […]

Your Money and Your Mind – Part III: We Have Met the Enemy….

  • Following the first two parts of my three part series, today I’m introducing the final installment of Your Money and Your Mind.  To review the overarching perspective around this series:  it’s been my experience that when most people think about the topic of money, it usually can be distilled down to two central considerations:  1)… Continue

Financial Planning: Check Withholding & Avoid Tax Time Surprises

  • Financial planning does not only include finding ways to help your money grow; it also includes taking care of what you owe. Each year at this time, U.S. taxpayers go through the agony of tax preparation and filing while anticipating the ecstasy of a large refund. Financial experts try to get U.S. taxpayers to understand […]

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Financial checkup: 4 things to do now

  • Economic uncertainty has made the need for planning more critical than ever. It doesn’t have to be complex or time …

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How Delaying Social Security Can Be The Best Long-Term Investment Or Annuity Money Can Buy

  • One of the most common discussions I have with clients is about the importance of making the correct decision about …

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