Membership Fees & Requirements

Membership Dues
$3,000 per year

Success Program Fees (in addition to Membership Dues)
ACA’s Success Program provides the right education and support at the right time, based on your goals, so that your practice becomes self-sustaining (level 3) as quickly as possible. During levels 1 and 2 progress is evaluated every six months to ensure you are receiving the right package of services.

Year 1
$4,500 - $7,500 depending on the support program that you qualify for.

Subsequent Years
$1,200 per year for Support Program Levels 1 and 2 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Abide by ACA Canon of Ethics and adhere to ACA Pledge to Clients
  • Comply with all provisions of the ACA Intellectual Property Policy
  • Offer to supervise others who offer holistic financial planning services
  • Satisfactorily complete the ACA Success Program*
  • Maintain membership in NAPFA with either NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor or Provisional Member status* (ACA will waive this requirement for applicants holding CPA/PFS designation after 1/1/10)
  • Maintain CFP or CPA/PFS designation*
  • Maintain registration as RIA or RIA Agent with SEC or appropriate state regulatory agencies*
  • Disclose to clients and on Form ADV all referral fees paid to third parties
  • Actively participate in furthering the goals of the corporation as defined in the Board’s Ends Policies
  • Make timely payment of all ACA dues and/or other fees
  • Participate in the ACA Benchmarking Survey 

*Provisional Member status is available for advisors in the process of completing these requirements.

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