Success Stories

You know that your situation is unique, so it's only natural for you to wonder if an advisor can really help you.

Let us reassure you. An advisor who focuses on you makes the difference. Our advisors have helped thousands of clients arrange their finances in accordance with their goals. We offer you just a few of those stories here. Each story is true. Names and some facts have been changed to protect our clients' privacy.

Virginia and Craig

Roadblocks to wealth are not necessarily in the form of bad investments or poor credit. Many times, the obstacles to obtaining wealth are psychological blocks with regard to beliefs about money, wealth, oneself, and financial independence. Fortunately, Virginia and Craig discovered this before they "blew" their entire inheritance.

The Johnsons 

The Johnsons were shocked when they realized they had $30,000 in credit card debt and were having to borrow from their retirement to pay monthly living expenses. By focusing on their priorities, paying off their debt, and investing in the future, this young family is now seeing their money grow and their dreams realized.

  • Big Tips for Small Biz Start-ups

    April 05, 2013

    Selecting the right type of entity for your business is an important decision. While you will want to seek advice from your attorney and your accountant, this article will help you better understand your various choices and some of their benefits and drawbacks.

    Erin Baehr®

How much do you generally spend on back to school clothes and supplies for your kids?