Career-changer - Non-Finance Related Field
After joining ACA on March 1, 2010 as a brand new, career changing, financial advisor, I held my first preliminary appointment last week. On April 30 I held the corresponding presentation appointment which concluded with my first client, signed open retainer contract, and a check! I know I wouldn't be signing clients in my second month without the help and support of ACA, the members, and the staff. So a big thank you to all of you!
Anthony Salotto - Norton, MA

GMA Recommends ACA
"Good Morning America" financial contributor Mellody Hobson recommends ACA for those seeking a financial advisor.

Financial Industry Journalist
“As a fee-only financial advisor for over 20 years and a regular contributor to several major publications, I am very familiar with ACA and many of its members. If I were starting in this field all over again, knowing what I now know about the systems, tools, and community that ACA provides to its members, I would seriously consider building my practice with the ACA System™.”
Dave Drucker, MBA, CFP® - Freelance writer, book author, and fee-only financial advisor

Transitioned from Hourly Billing to the ACA System™
“The last couple of years I was hourly; I worked with about 80 different clients a year. I also saw about 120 prospects a year. When you're the cheapest gig around, you can be really busy! Now I have just 20 retainer clients, but my revenue is 75% higher and my expenses have gone down.”
Kathy Dollard, CFP®, MBA - Boxborough, MA

Career Changer – Finance Industry
“If anyone thinks this isn’t heaven, just suggest they work in the corporate world. I have never experienced a more caring organization with a sense of family among its members. I feel like I’m part of an organization where the members care as much about each other as they do about their clients. My fear of isolation by being a sole practitioner has finally evaporated, and I feel like I have finally found a group of people who are my professional family. My 'cousins' are only a phone call or email away.”
Clifford Straub, CFP®, MBA - Glastonbury, CT

Career Changer – Insurance Industry
“After years in the insurance business, I knew that I wanted deeper relationships with fewer clients and a fee-only practice. Most industry 'experts' claimed the only way to do this was to target wealthy clients. ACA has proved otherwise. Working with middle-income clients, I will have doubled my revenue in just five years while reducing the number of clients served by 90%.”
Christopher Currin, CFP® - Dallas, TX

Practice Management Support
“ACA provided the structure and the financial planning tools I needed to build my practice - concepts, work flow, and most importantly how to charge clients for the value of the services I was providing.”
Robert Walsh, CFP®, CPA/PFS - Red Bank, NJ

Achieve a Successful Work - Life Balance
“Because of ACA I am seeing my ideal practice become a reality. I love what I do. I have a practice that fits my lifestyle, I work with clients I truly enjoy, and I make a difference in their lives. It’s what I always wanted.”
Rebecca Preston, CFP®, EA - Providence, RI

Avoid Reinventing the Wheel
“The ACA System™ is a proven system. It saved me from paying the high cost of unproven education...Mistakes or a lack of business has its cost, too. Referrals from other ACA members more than paid for my initial fee and renewals…and continue to save me money by helping me avoid mistakes and find innovations that improve my business performance.”
Ed Fulbright, CPA/PFS - Durham, NC

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